Yay Brazil!

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I like Chicago and Japan as much as the next guy, but the Olympics have been recently held in both countries. As in, late enough in my short lifetime that I can remember them clearly. The Olympics are about bringing the world together, so should it be held in new countries every once in a while?

The New York Times reports that South America has never hosted the Olympic games. For such a big continent, which has been around for so long, that surprises me. I'm glad that the Olympics will better represent the entire world, and I'm very happy for Rio de Janeiro!

According to my quick calculations, here are the numbers of Olympiads hosted by each continent (thanks to Wikipedia's list of host cities):

Asia - 7
Australia - 2
Europe - 34
North America - 12
South America - 1

Next stop, Africa?

In related news, maybe now we can have a South American or African pope? They came close last time, and those areas certainly have enough Catholics to represent.

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