Sesame Street

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So I'm watching Sesame Street, and they're talking about families today. Risky, to be sure, even without the diversity component. But then somewhere in between the families with single parents and the families with grandfathers, and the Asian and Latino families (OMG! Asian familes exist? I had no idea!), they showed a family with two fathers. Hallelujah! I'm so proud of Sesame Street, that they take seriously their responsibility to educate a generation of children (and their parents) to accept diversity, and reject bigotry.

I seem to remember a West Wing episode during which the congressional Republicans wanted to cut Sesame Street's funding because of this specific issue. Kind of a West Wing day... :-)

On a related note, I learned from the Asian family that long noodles are special because they represent a long life. Also, the oranges at the end of the meal represent a sweet life. And the youngest child pours the tea for the whole table. "Actually, I'm not the youngest. But babies can't pour tea." Ain't that the truth!

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