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Everybody's Favorite Fast Food!

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As the Northwest correspondent, I feel that it is my duty to speak on an issue that is very close to the hearts of the folks here in our nation's northwestern region.  While Californians stereotypically love In-And-Out Burger, the fine people of Oregon and Southern Washington have yet to gain recognition for our love of Burgerville, an exclusively Northwestern franchise dedicated to using fresh, local ingredients to create the highest quality food you've ever eaten on the go.


Quite possibly the most celebrated of all Burgerville's creations is the seasonal milkshake.  I stand (or sit at my computer) before you today to say that I have been spoiled so richly by Burgerville that I have been rendered incapable of enjoying a milkshake at any other dining establishment I've since visited.  I guarantee you that you could visit Burgerville at any time of year--be it strawberry season, huckleberry season, pumpkin season, or hazelnut season--and you will drink the best milkshake you've ever tasted.*  Now you eaters with somewhat healthier inclinations can even order them with non-fat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream and, miraculously, they taste just as delicious.


This is not an Oregonian's bias.  I challenge any of you foolish Californians to come to Burgerville and try to tell me it's not so good you'll never be happy with an In-And-Out milkshake again.


Meanwhile, as far as the food goes, Burgerville offers a wide selection that includes but is not limited to hamburgers, chicken burgers, fish burgers, and (my favorite) a lovely fish and chips basket that you can get as a 3-piece, 4-piece, or 6-piece (don't ask me what happened to 5-piece, I guess it just never shows up for work).


Their fries are delicious and in the fall they boast sweet potato fries that are quite fantastic.


The one thing I will warn you about is the Burgerville "special sauce" which they like to call their claim to fame.  The special sauce is tasty and we all love it, don't get me wrong, but it also contains sodium benzoate, which is a nasty preservative that we unfortunately see in lots of foods these days.  Given how fine and natural so many of Burgerville's products are, I hope they will eventually see the light and take action against the harmful preservatives that do not belong in our food!


That being said, I still give Burgerville a thumbs up and encourage you all to take a bite or a slurp out of the most delectable fast food menu of all time!



*Although I actually wouldn't recommend visiting in December.  I don't truthfully have the ability to speak on the subject of the December milkshakes because I don't like chai nog (egg nog) or peppermint.  My taste buds have naturally prejudiced me against them!

RENT is a commercial success?

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Ten years into the legacy of the musical RENT, including countless tours, foreign stagings in multiple languages, and even a blockbuster movie, RENT has become a commercial success.

I find that paradoxical, since RENT has always represented a counter-culture view of society. It's odd that mainstream American culture should grab so solidly onto an institution whose central focus has been the trashing of mainstream American culture.

But I suppose that's business. If Sony Pictures stands to make $29 million (in box office returns alone) releasing a movie, they'll do it, regardless of the views the movie presents. See Brokeback Mountain ($83 million) for details, or American Idol.

(Full disclosure: I am in love with RENT, and I believe it to be the best stage show since West Side Story, and certainly the most important musical of our generation.)